The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem engages a Formula for Impact that ensures that success is within reach of every young person who walks through our doors.  The goal is for all members to be promoted from one grade to the next, and on track to graduate from high school, with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle.

This Formula is our road map for ensuring that young people have a positive, impactful Club experience and, ultimately, achieve the important outcomes that lead them to great futures.  It is accomplished by employing caring adult professionals, using nationally tested, evidence-based programs and understanding that we are Powered by the Community.

Our Purpose and Values

The Boys & Girls Club exists to serve our great community, and our passion for our work is driven by our core values that form the foundation for all we do. We exist to:

  • Enhance Youth Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Build Usable Skills

  • Serve All Kids

  • Provide a Safe, Fun Environment

  • Provide Quality, Well-Designed Programs for Kids

In order to do this effectively, we are committed to always considering what is best for our kids, first and foremost. We work hard to ensure that the Club is safe, affordable, inclusive and respectful of diversity, and that we always set high expectations for our kids.

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