In House Football League MVP's

Our Club's in house football league is underway! It meets every Friday afternoon and hones in on the teamwork and athletic talents our members have. Every week there are chosen MVP's that are in the running for the league's final MVP prize.

Congratulations to the following MVP's:

Week 2: Geizi Paniaguara, Shawn O'Keefe with notable highlights from Luca Dominguez

Week 3: Arvin Urena, Angel Tejada with notable highlights from Dalvin Fernandez

Week 4: Christian Land, Nick Cicco with notable highlights from Arvin Urena, Jacob Mercedes, Shawn O'Keefe & Saul DeLeon

MVP Candidates: Shawn O'Keefe, Jeandavies Cardenas, Arvin Urena, Devante Ozuna & Luca Dominguez

Please follow the links below to view the individual stats of our MVP's

Week 2


Week 3

Week 4

MVP Candidates