Meet our Summer Camp Staff!

These are the faces that greet our campers everyday and do an amazing job making our summer camp so great. 

Meghan Murtagh, Summer Camp Director

Keith Langlais, Assistant Summer Camp Director

Grace Duran, Brain Gain Facilitator

Camp Counselors:

Our diverse and experienced team of camp counselors all have a long history with our club as most of them are either a committed staff member or a former member of our club. They help in a variety of tasks through assisting in Brain Gain or chaperoning field trips. 

Berta Reddy  

Breanna Burke

Bryan Martinez

Delaina Gotimer

Eric Esteras

Johanna Ynoa

Josenny Duran

Juandry Canela

Julianny Vittini

Nick Thelen

Oliver Prato

Rachel Yarid

Randy Victoria

Ricky Arias

Sabrina Garcelon

Sam Garcia

Stalin "Abbe" Villar

Yadilka DeLeon