Lights On After School!

On Thursday October 20, the drop in program at our Club took part in the annual event "Lights On After School". This fun filled national event is put on to promote after school enrichment and child safety across the country. Our Club members got to make healthy snacks and took part in fitness challenges, field games and an arts & crafts project that created a beautiful banner! We love events like this that raise awareness for after school programs. Below are some pictures from the event. 

Museum of Science trip!

On Friday September 23rd, Salem schools had a half day; so drop in club staff Sabrina Garcelon and Josenny Duran took a group of Club members on a field trip to Boston's Museum of Science. The club kids got to experience the commuter train from Salem to Boston and spent the afternoon exploring all the fun that the Museum of Science has to offer. This is just the first of many fun field trips the Club will take this year. 

Generous donation thanks to local dental office

Yesterday, Dr. Plotka with the Smiles for Life Foundation presented the Club with a generous donation. The children are truly grateful for their continued support and appreciate their generosity and kindness.

Dr. Ronald Plotka, Kathy Murtagh and Louise Keough of North Shore Center for Laser, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Swampscott and members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem

Dr. Ronald Plotka, Kathy Murtagh and Louise Keough of North Shore Center for Laser, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Swampscott and members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem

Meet our Kids Club Staff!

Kids Club is our exciting licensed after school program that takes place at Saltonstall and Witchcraft Heights Elementary. Here are the faces that help run this program:

Grace Duran--Director of Licensed After School Child Care

Witchcraft Heights Kids Club

Oliver Prato--Site Coordinator

Johanna Ynoa--Site Coordinator

Roberta Reddy--Group Leader

Rachelle Casmir--Group Leader

Samantha Bator--Group Leader

Robert O'Donell--Group Leader

Maria Alberto--Bus Monitor

Saltonstall Kids Club

DeLaina Gotimer--Site Coordinator

Arianna Hunt--Group Leader

Stalin Villar--Assistant Group Leader

Yadilka De Leon--Assistant Group Leader

Brain Gain Week 7 Recap!

During our seventh module "Life on the International Space System"  members were asked to consider what it takes to live in space and the day-to-day life of an astronaut. Members learned about astronauts in space through role-play and modeling and they got to learn about the International Space System. Our older members were asked to consider what it would take to develop a community in space. Members choose a location in space to explore and design structures and technologies that will support life in the location they select.

Timmy's Angels of Salem gives backpacks to the Club!

Timmy's Angels, which is a local organization in Salem, recently collected school supplies and put them in 40 new backpacks to give to children at our club. With school starting soon, these backpacks will be a big help for many families at our club. Thank you to Staci Sverker and her children CJ, Skylar and Kaylin for dropping these backpacks off and especially for the time they put in to make these bags. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. 

Pictured Below: Staci Sverker stand with her children Skylar and CJ (Kaylin not pictured) in front of the 40 backpacks.  

Brain Gain Recap Week 6!

Fish Frenzy

During our sixth module, our younger members learned that there are over 28,000 different fish species. Members discovered the many attributes of fish and how changing environmental conditions can affect the size of fish population.

Under the Sea 

During our sixth module, our older members explored the possibility of humans living in an underwater city, thinking about how to use natural resources in the ocean without harming its biodiversity, and the physical adaptations that humans would need in order to make underwater living sustainable.

Brain Gain Recap Week 5!

It's hard to believe that we are finishing up our fifth week of summer camp. Campers have been having a great time on field trips and participating in Brain Gain--here is a recap of what we learned in week 5!

During our fifth module called Hooray for Heroes, members discussed the unique characteristics of heroes and how those characteristics are useful in solving modern day problems. Members learned that heroes of history knew how to dream big and put their dreams into action. They also learned from people who enriched the lives of others in important ways and discovered what makes someone a true hero. 

Fire Department visits excited Rainbow Terrace residents!

On Thursday July 21, firefighters from the Salem Fire Department paid a visit to Rainbow Terrace where they gave instruction, safety lessons and tours of their truck to the kids in our playground program. The kids had a blast learning about fire safety, answering questions and getting to learn how a fire hose and fire gear are used. The kids ended the fun filled afternoon with popsicles and free Salem Fire Department hats. Thank you to the department for such a wonderful time.

Brain Gain Week 4 Recap!

During our fourth module, our younger members learned that bugs are an essential part of our ecosystem whether we like it or not. Members learned that small but mighty crews contribute a lot to the maintenance of most plants and animals. Members will learn about predators, prey, parasites, hosts, herbivores and decomposers.
During our fourth module, our older members explored the incredible amount of diversity in the insect world and looking at the important role that insects play in nature. Members tried out different ways of investigating insects and their worlds, thinking about the importance of maintaining a healthy insect.