Our team shares a common belief that all kids have the potential to be great. We work hard everyday to help our young people be the best they can be.

Joanne Scott, Executive Director


Joanne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Northeastern University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University.  She has been the Club Director for eight years and worked previously for the City of Salem for 14 years as Health Agent.

“The Boys & Girls Club is the perfect place for all children because we foster an atmosphere that sharpens children’s intellect while making them feel happy, safe and nurtured.  Since our kids cannot ask for themselves, I am happy and honored to be their advocate.”

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Doug Bollen, Chief of Operations


Doug started as Chief of Operations in the Fall of 2012. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management from Northeastern University, an Associate's Degree in Recreation Leadership from Mass Bay Community College and was formerly the Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services for the City of Salem 10 years. 

"The Boys & Girls Club has always been part of my life; from being a member when I was a youngster, to volunteering for the Board of Directors, to my current position as Chief of Operations. In every role, I've experienced first hand how the staff truly cares about the future of its members by being strong and caring role models. I truly believe there is no better youth organization for kids. I'll always support Boys & Girls Clubs."

Amy Rein, Director of Advancement


Amy Rein joined the team as Director of Advancement in early 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Brandeis University and a Masters of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has worked as an Advancement Professional at Brookwood School and at Above the Clouds. She has many years of fundraising and Board experience for organizations including the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Federation of the North Shore and Marblehead Public Schools.

"It has always been a vital part of my life to give back to the community. The mission and the programs offered by the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem touch my heart. I feel privileged to be able to work on behalf of these amazing children."


Grace Duran, Program Director


Grace has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from Salem State University.  She has worked at the Club for several years, starting as a Kids Club Site Coordinator.  

 "I enjoy working at the Club because I’ve always had a passion for education. Working at the Boys & Girls Club is perfect because I am around children that make me laugh, and it always amazes me to see what they are capable of. It is extremely rewarding to observe their growth!"

Sabrina Garcelon, Education Director


 Sabrina is working toward her degree in Sociology and Social Work at Salem State University.  She began her journey with the Boys and Girls Club as a volunteer homework tutor. 

"I really love being able to see the children grow. Over time you're able to build individual  relationships with each child, and see the impact you have on that child's life. It makes me proud to see these kids become positive role models for their peers."

Natalie Thelen, Bookkeeper


Natalie has a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Criminal Justice.  She has been with the Club for two years starting as the Administrative Assistant.  

"Working for the Boys & Girls Club has been rewarding and every day is an opportunity to learn, grow and make a difference. "


Emi Perez, Teen Director


Emi has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Salem State University.  He has been involved with the club for many years as a member and an employee. In his teen years, Emi played basketball at our club. 

"Working at the Boys & Girls Club is awesome. I have the privilege of guiding young lives to success every day."

Oliver Prato - Brain Gain Leader and Lifeguard.jpg

Oliver Prato, Licensed After-School Director


Oliver has a Bachelor Degree in Literature from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

"I love leading Club Read and getting to know each child as a unique person."

Brian Yeuell, Custodian

Brian is an avid sports fan. 

Brian says, "Working at the Boys & Girls Club is a dream come true! I love it!"


Nick Thelen, Homework Room Coordinator in the Drop-in Program

Nick is a student at Salem State University.

"Helping kids do their homework and seeing the confidence build in them is very rewarding to me.  I love playing all the fun games with kids at the Club too."

Josenny Duran.jpg

Josenny Duran, Homework Coordinator in the Drop-In Program

Josenny is studying Media Production at Salem State University.

"I like working at the Club because I am able to help kids achieve their goals and better them for the future whether it is through programs, homework help, art activity or even a game of Uno.  It's very rewarding.  Everyday  I come to work and I love how the kids can instantly put a smile on my face and I love that I can do the same for them."

Eric Esteras.jpg

Eric Esteras,  Mentor in the Drop-in Program  

Eric attends North Shore Community College.  

"My favorite part about working at the Boys & Girls Club is that we are a family.  Its a sensational feeling to work in an environment with people that care about the well-being of its members and others.

Brandon Dailey,  Mentor in the Drop-in Program

Brandon is a student at Salem State University, Majoring in Social Work with a minor in Music and Criminal Justice. Brandon spends his time at the Club teaching dance classes to members.

"One of the best parts of working at the Club is having the ability to teach dance to our members.  I love teaching dance and seeing the impact I am making on the children.  Every member is given an opportunity to be successful and I am trying to do that for our members. "

Berta Reddy, Group Leader at the Witchcraft Heights Kids Club

Berta attended North Shore Community College for Early Childhood.  She has worked for the Club many years and is a well-known and loved staff member to all the kids.

"I like working for the Club because I really enjoy the children. I have watched them grow over the years and I love being an important figure in their lives."

Randy Victoria.jpg

Samantha Bator, Group Leader at the Witchcraft Heights Kids Club

Samantha is a graduate of Salem State University with a degree in Education. She is currently working towards her Master's and has taught previously with Lawrence Public Schools.   


Arianna Hunt, Group Leader at the Saltonstall Kids Club

Arianna is a student at Salem State University, double Majoring in Elementary Education and Psychology.  

"I love the staff, children and the environment at the Club."

Robert O'Donell, Group Leader at the Witchcraft Heights Kids Club

Robert is a graduate of North Shore Community College, majoring in Computer Engineering. He is a huge fan of sports and has been building computers for fun since he was 14 years old. 


Yadilka De Leon, Assistant Group Leader at the Saltonstall Kids Club

Yadilka is a 2015 graduate of Salem High School. She is currently enrolled at North Shore Community College and hopes to pursue a career in Nursing. Yadi has been involved with the club in many aspects for many years. 

"Working at the Boys & Girls Club has been a great opportunity for me. The Club kids teach me everyday, and my heart & mind are open to care for the Boys & Girls club and I am very grateful for that!"


                                        Maria Alberto, Bus Monitor

Maria is a teen from the Clubs Teen Center. She is in her sophomore year at Salem High School and hopes to go into Culinary studies after high school.